M-Board™ 1.1 Dynamic Balance Trainer

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With more three-dimensional movement than other balance trainers, M-Board™ develops balance, core and leg strength, and overall proprioception.

The pinnacle of balance trainers, the patented design of the M-Board™ allows three-dimensional rotation, instead of just static balance and side-to-side movement. With instability on all planes, the user must constantly adjust to keep balanced.

From beginners to elite athletes, the M-Board Dynamic Balance Trainer delivers the appropriate challenge for all levels of user; progress from static balance movements all the way to advanced toe-side and heel-side turns that seriously challenge dynamic balance in all planes. That’s the difference; unlike balance boards or wobble boards, the M-Board is better at replicating and training for real-life movements. While the training benefits for extreme sports like skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing are inherent, the M-Board is an ideal balance tool for all sports, physical therapy and personal training.

M-Board 1.1 Dynamic Balance Trainer includes:
M-Board Deck with non-marking bumpers
8.8lb. medicine ball (supports up to 350 lbs.)
Ball stand (holds ball steady for beginning users)
Workout DVD
Exercise poster

*Stand sold separately.


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